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About Me

Hi! I’m Jordan Urbs. A creator, father, human and mover.

When my emotions, outlooks, or reactions feel out of control, I find that the most effective path to reclaiming myself is movement, playfulness, and creativity. My personal practice is based on connecting to the inner primate—a quadrupedal animal as strong in his torso as in his legs, who knows when to fight and when to relax.

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<aside> ❓ Jordokon is a sportive play on Budokon, a movement and martial arts academy with whom I trained for a time. In Japanese, -okon means “the way and spirit.”

This is the way and spirit of Jordan.


Why Movement?

Movement can help us release dormant emotions, break free from routine habits & inhibitions, and access the depths of our imagination. When we allow our bodies to flow, twist, and soar, we open up the potential for creative energy to surge through us. All the possible movements that your body can make are also neural pathways that train your brain, and the result is a reprogramming of the mind’s relationship to the body.

Unlike Western sports, there is no such thing as “expert” movement. Yoga, dancing, and mobility practices are all relative to the individual’s body. It doesn’t matter how deep you can stretch or how controlled you can move into a posture… As long as new and creative movement is happening, the mind-body connection is being developed.


The Body and Creative Self

I believe that the body is the main source of the human passion that drives us to create things (as humans are known to do). The purest creativity doesn’t come from the mind, or substances—we create, after all, with our bodies as conduits for the art. So if your goal is to excel at any endeavor requiring your best and most creative self, your body must be optimized and its connection with your mind must be honed.

This isn’t a “take a pill and you’re better” type thing. It’s not even “do it once and you’re healed” thing. It requires a daily commitment to re-reconnecting with yourself.

How I Start My Days

Well, not every single day, because I have two toddlers. But I can’t tell you how many times I get inspired during my morning practice and can’t help but do something I love after.

This is my process for waking the body, exploring creative movement, and transitioning into purposeful work:

  1. 10 MIN Warm-up to find what my body wants to do today (yoga? calisthenics? mobillity?).
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